Business Consulting

I offer one-on-one personalized business consulting for on all aspects of wedding planning and floral design, including but not limited to:

The Business of Floral Design

a. Ordering Flowers

b. Proposals

c. Pricing Flowers

d. Inventory Management

e. Contracts

f. Creating Recipes

The Basics of Wedding Planning

a. Timelines and Client Documents

b. Vendor Lists

c. Walkthroughs

d. Floor plans

e. Venues

f. Roles and Responsibilities

g. Budgets

Efficiency and Productivity

a. An overview of the tools you will need to run a successful business

b. How to organize your business to increase efficiency

c. Creating systems for your business to assist with growth.

Managing the Business of your Business

a. Staffing, Pricing, Accounting, Employees, Contracts

Branding Yourself

a. Marketing versus advertising

b. Free Branding

c. Are you living your brand?

Servicing your Customer

a. An overview of the client experience

b. Creating your own client experience

Hands on Business Structuring

For the entrepreneur that needs hands on assistance organizing their business. I will spend up to one week with you and tackle (the "Gut" of your business) Inventory management, Accounting, Profitability, HR, and Overall Business Structure. This is ideal for a person (or people) running a business that includes both floral design and planning services and is ready to grow. I will help you maximize profit and set your business up to run with ease.

If interested in a one-on-one email